Flower holders

Shangai was born as an exploration in mixing 3D printed parts with other materials. They are a couple of flower holders inspired by the Chinese game of Shangai (or Mikado): the shape comes from the twisting motion of the sticks that is performed at the beginning of a match. They are available in two versions, large and small.

There is a great attention to sustainability: the container for the water is not provided, so the customer can reuse a glass or jar which is already available; the 3D printed part is made of PLA, a biodegradable plastic derived from renewable resources, such as corn starch or sugarcane; the sticks are made of bamboo, one of the fastest growing plants in the world which is also very light and strong; the packaging is entirely made of paper, which is 100% recyclable.

They are provided as a build-it-yourself kit, since I wanted to evoke that certain kind of pleasure that comes from assembling objects, like Ikea furniture or Lego toys. Furthermore, the water container can be changed anytime, so the user can customize the look of the object to suit any interior style.

What can i design for you?

SV18 concept chair

As an exercise in creativity I decided to design the n. 1 most loved objects by designers all over the world: a chair.

The SV18 chair is a tribute to the famous chairs designed by Michael Thonet in the 19th century. The innovative technique of bending solid beech wood is considered a milestone in the history of industrial design.

Thonet 209 and 214
Models 209 and 2014 by Thonet

The goal was to design a chair with the same style and production techniques of the original Thonet chairs, but with a new, iconic a timeless silhouette.

The result is a chair which can be used at home or in a public space, that is simple and elegant to match any interior style. Its elements evoque the classic Thonet style, while sporting a modern and fresh look.

SV18 concept chair black
Black lacquered version
Natural beech version

I also added a second version with armrests.

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Romia herbs planter


Herbs planter

Romia is a piece of furniture designed to create a small herb garden on a balcony or a patio. The idea comes from the need of having the pots fixed in place since I live in a very windy area.

The plants are lifted from the ground to make it easier to water them and pick the leaves for cooking. The drip tray is separated from the pot, so the excess water cannot damage the plant and can evaporate naturally and quickly.

Hand-made in solid fir, treated to stand any weather condition, it doesn’t have any screw exposed to rain that could rust over time. Its simple and minimal design can complement any style while putting the beauty of the plants at the center of the attention; the legs are tapered and lacquered in black to create contrast and make the upper part look floating.

3D printed ceramics


3D printed

A series of homeware objects, designed to explore the possibilities of 3D printed ceramics. The goal is to achieve new form factors that cannot be obtained with traditional techniques, thus opening the possibilities to new interactions with common products that we use everyday.


Nest espresso cup

A simple espresso cup with an unusual geometry

Nest espresso cup


Rocket candle holder

A minimal candle holder, its simple lines are made to be mixed and matched with other homewares to create a style that is your own

Also available in the “double” version

Rocket candle holder


A tall vase playing on the concept of simple intersecting geometric shapes

Bullet tall vase