New year, new collaborations

New year,
new collaborations

In 2018 I left my job to escape the big city and go live between the hills and the sea, starting a freelance career.
This was a huge change, and I have to say that many times during these months I thought “what the hell was I thinking?!”. But at the same time, I now wake up everyday with the motivation to do something great, instead of just letting life flow upon me. It’s scary when you are in control, but also the rewards that you can get make you feel so alive. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone, it’s all that it takes to achieve your dreams.

In 2019 I hope to never stop learning, improving and creating something good that improves people lives. Because to me, this is what design is really about.

If your company is looking for a designer with a problem-solving mindset and enthusiastic attitude please get in touch, I’m looking forward to start new and exciting collaborations this year!