Design Group Italia


at Design Group Italia

Year   2014-2018   |   Client   Various

Some of the projects which I worked on during my years at Design Group Italia. 



D-Heart is the first smartphone-based electrocardiograph that is simple to use, clinically reliable, portable and affordable. The results are then sent to your trusted doctor through the app via a 24/7 telecardiology service for an immediate diagnosis.

In this project I worked on the product design and the custom cable winding mechanism, on the wireless charging case and on the smartphone app UX/UI.

ABB Basic M

The new offer ABB – basic M – provides a complete solution for use in residential and commercial buildings, including modular circuit breakers, automatic residual current circuit breakers (RCBs), differential current circuit breakers (VDT), load switches, bus wiring and terminal sealing accessories. The design was focused on cost efficiency while giving the product line a modern and clean look.


Trillio is an easy-to-use portable device that reminds people to take their medication and helps them adhere to a treatment program. When it is time to take a medication, Trillio alerts the patient while displaying a reminder. The user can stop the alarm by pressing a button. This device is part of a connected service ecosystem that provides a physical connection among patients, their healthcare providers and pharmacies via a simple device in the patient’s home. For Trillio I designed the UX/UI of the device: the challenge was to create a clear and easy interface for a very low-res e-ink screen.

Blue Lagoon shop

Blue Lagoon store

The vision for the Blue Lagoon’s flagship store in Keflavik airport, Iceland, was to reflect the ambiance of being in Blue Lagoon Spa. The store was designed to create a nostalgic feeling for past visitors of the lagoon while also providing a fresh experience to new and old clients. The brand was expressed by incorporating physical elements of the lagoon such as the surrounding black rock, which was captured by designing a curved wall built from blocks of locally cut volcanic rock. The environment of rising steam leaving the white water of the lagoon is imitated through the lit glass walls behind the shelved products. Alongside the guidance and expertise of the staff, I designed a space for a sensorial experience with Blue Lagoon products, together with the custom-made furniture used to display the products.

3M CIC Romania

3M CIC Romania

A Customer Innovation Center (CIC) is a space where the public can enter and interact with our client’s brand. A strategic narrative is designed to evoke a dialogue through storytelling and hands-on contact with technologies. Our tailored customer innovation centers are executed in an integrated approach using persuasive design, interaction, and interiors to orchestrate customer inspired innovation and a lasting memory for guests.

Romania’s CIC is the 10th designed and implemented by Design Group Italia. The 3M Romania CIC is an interactive journey for guests to discover 3M technologies, products, and market applications that are found in our everyday lives.