Industrial IoT Trust Platform

How to manage the complex security challenges of the Smart Factory?

Corlina is a new Silicon Valley startup focused on “trust” and security for IIoT infrastructure. Corlina brings smart factory capabilities to manufacturers of all sizes with its scalable SaaS-based solution for monitoring the trustworthiness, reliability and connectivity of IoT devices including sensors, cameras, and gateways on the factory floor and in other industrial environments.

While at Design Group Italia, I’ve been working on design thinking workshops to define the customer experience and on the UX/UI design of the web application dashboard.

The key to Corlina’s success lies in simplifying complex technical processes often manageable only by large manufacturers. Through a series of design thinking activities adapted to the early-stage startup’s needs, we focused on analyzing the likely users of this new system, their daily habits and technical skills. We studied scenarios like responding to system outages, irregular traffic and attempted security breaches.

We quickly designed the product UI to deploy a MVP and gather insights from a real use case for one of their partners; at the same time we designed the company’s website, along with illustrations and diagrams, to explain the features and advantages of Corlina to potential customers.