Neurofeedback-based golf training system

How to use neurofeedback to improve golfing performance?

Mindswing in an internal concept developed at Design Group Italia in 2016 with Andrea Desiato, Alberto Sarullo and Stefania Berselli, originated from a research on BCI (Brain Controlled Interfaces) and neurofeedback. It is based on a scientific research showing how being in the “zone”, or the optimal mental state for golf putting, can improve accuracy and learning speed.

The system is composed of 3 parts:

EEG Headband

The wireless headband monitors alfa, beta, theta, SMR Brain Waves and gives audio feedback through bone conduction technology, to avoid obstructing the user’s hearing

Glove sensor

It is applied to the glove and measures the speed, angle and trajectory of each shot. The upper surface can be pressed to mark a successful shot in the app and record the corresponding brain wave pattern

Smartphone app

Works as a bridge between the headband and the sensor, analysing the data incoming from them and recording the progress of the user’s training sessions

The training is composed of two parts:

  • Calibration: since each person’s brain waves pattern is different and unique, the system needs to learn what is the pattern associated with successful shot for each user. He/she will be guided to perform a set of shots and record the good ones by pressing the button on the glove sensor.
  • Improvement: before each shot, the user will be asked to focus and concentrate, to get in the right state of mind. When it is reached, he/she will hear an abstract feedback sound from the headband, signaling the right moment to perform the shot.

We made physical mockups of the headband and the sensor to test the ergonomics and the UX of the system. The project was selected to be shown at the Venice Design Week 2016, in the “Wearable Technologies” section.

— Awards

Wearable Technology Awards, 2nd place, Venice Design Week 2016