Easily find sports tournaments for kids

How to match sports teams looking for tournaments with the clubs that organize them?

Italian web agency Edinet had a simple idea: to create a website that would let sport teams easily find tournaments to attend to. They started from the observation of a problem: clubs who organize tournaments often don’t have a website, and share the information only with other teams they already know and are based nearby their location. This makes it very hard to find new tournaments, and teams resort to attend always the same ones every year.

I was tasked to design the UX and the UI of the website, named Tormot, outlining all the steps of the service both for teams looking for tournaments and for clubs wanting to post their event.

The first step was to research how a tournament is normally structured and what information needs to be communicated. This helped me to outline the information architecture and the user flows; since the business model is to have the clubs pay for their listing, I wanted to make the process as lean as possible so that an event could go online even with the bare minimum information. This minimizes the chance that a user could leave the website after starting to post an event because he was overwhelmed by the amount of work needed to complete it.

After designing wireframes for the main pages of the website, I started to work on the visual identity. I designed a dynamic logotype that could change depending on the type of sports that is being visualised, together with a bold and bright palette.

After defining the brand guidelines I proceeded to create the design sytem for the UI of the website: typography, buttons, cards, inputs, pictures style. The final result is a visually engaging interface for a service that is easy to use.