Easy-to-use, connected pill reminder

How to enable the elderly to interact easily with a digital device?

Trillio is an easy-to-use portable device that reminds people to take their medication and helps them adhere to a treatment program. When it is time to take a medication, Trillio alerts the patient while displaying a reminder, and the user can stop the alarm by pressing a button. If the user doesn’t respond to the alarm within a certain amount of time, the caregiver will receive a notification. This device is part of a connected service ecosystem that provides a physical connection among patients, their healthcare providers and pharmacies via a simple device in the patient’s home.

All configuration is done remotely by the Caregiver: he will prepare and upload the medication plan (medicine name, dosage, and extra messages) with his smartphone, tablet or computer. It is also possibile to set reminders for medical exams or other important events.

For Trillio I worked on the UX/UI of the device: the challenge was to create a clear and easy interface for a very low-res e-ink screen. In every interaction, the screen shows a label directly linked to each button on the device, to make sure that the user always knows what he can do and how to perform each action. I also designed icons pixel by pixel to ensure optimal visibility.

— Awards

2016 – ADI Design Index